Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Posting number 2 is here. My sister sent me an email today telling me how she had been sleeping on the beach in Hong Kong because it was too hot in the tent. This is a little difficult to understand as the temperature here in Ballarat it less than 5 degrees Celsius. The temperature today has barely been above 5. The school day began with snow. The children who were already in the classroom just wanted to go out and play in it but the poor kids who were walking to school were frozen and couldn't wait to get inside. The snow lasted until about 11 am and looked beautiful.
I have finished Annie's rug and am now working on appliqueing some daisies on a throw rug. When I finish these I have promised myself I will go back to piecing my first quilt. I stopped after I realised that I had cut one piece of fabric into too many 3 inch strips and will now have to sew some of these back together to make the nine inch squares they were supposed to be.
Shopping with my friends Jodie and Annie has proved very fruitful. We've found a manchester shop that sells 5m lengths of pure cotton for $2.50. Bargain! I also purchased my first embroidery hoop thinking it might make it easier to sew the daisies on my rug but I found it difficult to stitch accurately so I'm back to holding everything bunched up in my hand.
Tomorrow's top temperature is expected to be 5 degrees again I wonder if Annie wil wear 2 jumpers to school like she wore to gym last night. Stay warm everyone.

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