Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bears and Bras

"Have you seen my bra?" is a question that can get you into trouble when people don't know that you have entered a competition for Breast Cancer Awareness month. The name of the game was to decorate a bra for a competition for our gym. So using the bear pattern from my blanket I made Bear Boobs. This proved to be a lot easier than the flower pots I had thought I would do. There are some absolutely stunning bras on display at the gym so hopefully lots of money will be raised.
Mr Barking Mad is a very creative fellow. Apart from picture framing, mosaic making and wind chime designing he is undertaking a welding course. Now in a very Rocky Horror kind of way he is making creatures with blonde hair and a tan and lots of other bits.
I have been known to complain a bit about teenagers especially my own 15 year old Barking mad male. Said young man knew I was keen to get to the gym as many times a week as I could so he volunteered to cook on Tuesday nights when his dad is out learning to weld so that we don't end up eating dinner at midnight. The first night he cooked he planned everything very carefully. So carefully in fact that on my home way he called me to ask what was keeping me because every minute I delayed was further ruining the dinner he had so lovingly prepared.


Kate said...

I have seen your bra, Sue, and it is georgeous! I like your new(?) windchime.

Annie said...

Bear Boobs was magnificent. It was my winner. Well done Sue!

Annie said...

Well done small barking mad in the cooking department.

David and Melissa said...

Bear bra!Am I the only one who is clueless! I'm interested to know though!
Melissa xxxxxxxxxxxxxx