Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wizardy and stuff.

Sorry about the hiatus Annie but I'm back now. Unlike others I haven't finished HarryPotter 7 yet. My 15 year old son has, but as it is the last book I want to make it last so I'm only reading a little bit each night at bedtime. I know many people think Harry Potter is overrated but as a teacher I think it's great that the whole western world is hanging out to read a book. Let me think which would I prefer, my child home with their nose in a book or occupied with the multitude of less desirable things available these days? Hmm... think I'll take the book. On the crafting side of things I'm still working on the flower rug I am making for a friend. It takes a lot of time to applique one daisy each evening. I'm at the stage where I'm desperate to start another project and when I see things I start plotting what I could do with that piece of fabric or this ball of wool. My next big job is to embroider a blanket for a friend who has just had a little girl. I wonder how old she'll be before I finish it? Being back at work also slows the craft work down. My mother-in-law came to inspect my revamped sewing room/study on the weekend. Although she was impressed with my$4o sewing cabinet she is concerned that the room is too crowded and there won't be enough space for the knitting machine she wants to give me. I assured her I could quickly rearrange things to make room but she seemed doubtful. I'm looking forward to the weekend when a car load of friends head off to Melbourne for the craft and quilting expo at the exhibition centre in Melbourne. Jodie and Annie have been filling my head with pictures of all the lovely things I'll find. I didn't realise the logistics involved in attending an event like this with friends. I'm told that we all have to have each other phone numbers and synchronise watches in case of seperation. Comfy runners or hiking boots are the order of the day for footwear and Jodie is bringing the shopping trolley to transport all our treasure. I can't hardly wait. Only 4 sleeps to go.


Annie said...

I'm looking forward to it too Sue. Don't forget, you can always start another project B4 finishing one - I have many on the go as you know. Some say it's not a good thing, but I just can't wait when I get an idea in my head. I just whipped another little one up tonight!!!

Jodie said...

hahah- That sounds lie I am taking along one of those metal ones from the supermarket - actually with a full car we may very well need one !!!

Kate said...

Hi Sue, at last I have found you. We had a wonderful day in Melbourne. Thanks for driving us! I had a chuckle to myself after reading Jodie's comment. Icould just imagine us walking around with a shopping trolley! See you soon, Kate.